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cute and sad golden colored puppy laying on the floor with it's nose between it's paws looking at a puppy accident on light blue carpet.

Ultra-concentrated stain + odor remover for potty accidents, vomit, grass stains and more!

The best stain + odor and cleaning products for life's little accidents.™

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For life’s little accidents.™

At Wee Away, we’re dedicated to providing animal lovers with super-effective solutions that support the health and safety of pets, people and the planet. Each of our cleaning and grooming products is formulated without chemicals that can harm the environment, and is perfectly safe for pets of all kinds.

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“I cannot believe this stuff! OMG, a urine smell eliminator that actually works. They’re really on to something.”
– Mary


“I like the smell. It doesn’t have that
“rug cleaner” smell. It’s more like room freshener. A welcome change from the Nature’s Miracle we’ve used for so long.”
– Stephanie