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Our Story

Hi, I’m Adam Brady. Over 25 years ago, I founded a cleaning supply company in Cheyenne, Wyoming that has grown up to provide convenient, effective products to industrial customers nationwide. While I loved my day job, I found myself searching for an entirely different cleaning solution after a Labrador puppy toddled into my life.

After weeks of trying out products from local pet stores, my wife Emma and I couldn’t find an effective stain and odor remover that really worked! We wanted something stronger, but were concerned that the chemicals would be harmful for our precious pup.

So in 2005 we developed the Original Wee Away formula, the first natural pet stain & odor eliminator to pack the effectiveness of a commercial grade cleaner in a pet-friendly product. Today, the Wee Away line features formulas infused with natural botanicals for quick cleaning, stain and odor control, easy grooming and more – and every single one of them is pet, people and planet safe.

Sorry, we can’t stop life’s little accidents from happening. But at least we can make
them go away.

Our Commitment

At Wee Away, we believe in doing more more than developing highly effective products that are exceptionally safe for pets. We’re also dedicated to doing everything possible to protect our precious environment.

That’s why every single product we provide is eco-friendly and green-certified. Unlike many conventional cleaners, stain & odor removers and grooming supplies, our entire line is formulated for biodegradability, without toxic chemicals of any kind.

When we started the Wee Away company, we made planetary conservation a priority. It’s a commitment that continues to this day.

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