To produce the finest quality pet products that support the health and well-being of all animals.

The Original Wee Away™ formula was developed after we got a Labrador puppy and could not find an effective product for cleaning pet stains and removing pet odor in any of our local pet stores. As puppies become house trained, there are a lot of accidents and we were continuously cleaning the carpets and trying retail product after product. Nothing worked. We wanted something stronger but were afraid that the chemicals would be harmful for our precious puppy. We needed to solve this problem for our family and decided to share what we learned with other pet owners that have indoor pets.

Wee Away™ Original was developed in 1997 as the first natural pet stain & odor eliminator to pack the effectiveness of a commercial grade cleaner in a pet-friendly product. This unique product not only works amazingly well but was developed with the Earth and our pets in mind. After seeing the power of this natural formula, we decided to take it to the streets and have been doing trade shows and in-store demonstrations ever since. The success of Wee Away has led us to develop many outstanding, pet-friendly solutions to the most difficult pet cleaning tasks.

In 2021 we launched our line of Wee Away™ High-Quality pet care pre-moistened wipes and they feature purpose-built solutions for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies. This line features formulas for quick cleaning, odor control, grooming, fragrance-free, sensitive skin, low-ingredient formulas with natural botanicals for the safe and convenient care of your pet.

Wee Away™ Pet Products is located in Massachusetts and Wyoming with nationwide distribution. If you are interested in carrying our product line, please contact us..